Captured By Lindsey Photography - Photographer | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What does my session include?

  Your session includes an hour (or more depending on package type) of photography at a location of your choice or at the photographer’s recommendation.  It also includes a CD with all of the usable images from the session, edited for you, along with the rights to copy/share/print these images.  Your images will also be added to a private online viewing gallery where you will have the option to download directly.


We’ve just had our session… what?

  After your session, I will start editing your photos.  I always recommend that clients visit Captured By Lindsey Photography’s Facebook page to see “sneak peeks” of some of their photos (if you have granted me permission to do so) as I work on editing.  Many times, I will have a picture or two on Facebook within a day or two after the session.  Once I have completed all of the editing, I will create an online album on my website that will have a private link for you and whoever you decide to share it with.  These are the images that you will find on your CD.  Your CD will be mailed out to you shortly after that.


How many images will I receive on my CD?

  The number of images that you’ll receive on your CD depends on the length of the session and the session type.  On average, clients will receive anywhere between between 30 and 50 images for a regular one hour session.  Again, this does depend on type of session, length of session, etc and can fluctuate.


Is a deposit required?

  Photo sessions require a $50 deposit, due at the time of booking, to reserve the date/time you have selected for your session.  This is typically done through a Paypal invoice, which can be paid through Paypal or by credit card.  Personal checks are also acceptable.  The remaining balance is then due on or before the day of the session.


How do I know where to have my photo session?

  I am always open to my client’s suggestions for session locations.  Sometimes you know about a great space that I haven’t discovered yet!  I can certainly also give you ideas of locations I’ve used in the past.  Outdoor locations tend to work the best  for photos, however if the weather does not permit an outdoor session, I can often times do kiddo sessions in my home.


Is there a limit to how many people can be included in the session?

  No limit!  You can bring as many individuals as you would like.  Please keep in mind that sometimes more individuals means less shots as it takes longer to group and organize people together.  The more the merrier, I say! 


How far are you willing to come for a session?

Most sessions are typically within Hamilton County, however I am open to other areas and am willing to work with you to come up with a location that works well for both of us!


What should I wear for the session?

  Wear what you are most comfortable in and what you love yourself in!  Minimizing busy patterns is also something to consider.  Contrary to popular belief, you and the others in your photos don’t have to be dressed in exactly the same colors.  I always encourage my clients the importance of coordinating colors vs. matching colors.  Layers and fun accessories are also a great way to enhance your photos!


What are Captured By Lindsey Photography gift certificates good towards?

Gift certificates can be used towards photo sessions, prints, print packages, and photo books!



If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at, or send me a Facebook message!